Cambridge Engelsk

På Risskov Efterskole tilbyder vi mulighed for Cambridge engelsk til 10. Klasses elever.

Det er ikke en mulighed for 9. kl. elever at tage Cambridge engelsk i stedet for almindelig 9. kl. engelsk.

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En detaljeret beskrivelse efterfølger på engelsk

At Risskov Efterskole, every 10th grade student will be prepared for and take Denmark’s 10th grade English exams. However, we do offer an advanced option for English class in 10th grade:

Students who are near-fluent, have international experience, or just want to challenge themselves, may choose to take the ‘Cambridge English’ option instead of regular 10th grade English.

Cambridge English is taught 100% in English (although students can of course ask questions in Danish) by an instructor whose first language is English. The course will prepare students both for the regular 10th grade English exams, and for the ‘Cambridge English as a First Language’ assessment.

Students will read longer texts and full books in English, have deeper conversations about that material, and the course aims to ensure that every student has written multiple short pieces that they are honestly and personally proud of. Even for those students who do choose to take the Cambridge English course, the additional Cambridge English exam is optional.

Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an international organization based in Britain that gives assessments (tests) and certifications that can be easily accepted at schools all around the world. Those students who choose to take the Cambridge English assessment and score well will find that the certificate from Cambridge looks good when applying to universities, can be used as evidence of English proficiency and allow students to apply to international schools and programs, and can be a small point of personal pride.

Our ‘Cambridge English’ course prepares students for the Cambridge IGSCE 0500 – First Language English assessment. Here is a description of that assessment:

Students will take a 2 hour reading comprehension exam. (Many students find this to be the same level or easier than the10. Kl. skriftlig engelskexam.)

Students will submit 3 of the essays they write over the course of the year as a final project, after editing them into polished final drafts. 

Students will sit for a brief recorded 1-on-1 conversation with their teacher about a subject they choose themselves.