Inclusion & support

Inclusion offer at Risskov Efterskole

The Folketing here adopted the low proposal for inclusion in the free schools. The law has entered into force 1.
January 2013 and allows for inclusion in continuing education from the school district 2013/14.

Inclusion support

At Risskov Efterskole, we want all students to have the opportunity to develop personally, socially and professionally. We offer support to the individual students who need supplementary teaching or other professional support, which can not only be done by differentiation and team building in the general teaching at the after-school center. The offer is aimed at food inclusion of individual students with a special need and can take place in the academic part of the school as well as the school’s social section or guidance / homework help.
In addition, individual conversations, help with the structure of everyday life and help with coping with the challenges of after-school life.


The purpose of the inclusive support is to meet the individual student’s learning prerequisites and create academic and pedagogical initiatives that make the student ready for teaching. The work with the organization of the inclusion offer for the individual student takes place through a conversation with the student and the parents, the student’s teachers and possibly the PPR of the municipality in question. Based on this, we put together a form and inclusion offer that suits the individual student. We work as far as possible with the student in the context in which he / she appears, we therefore do not offer special help classes, but ensure the integration in the after – school’s daily teaching and community.

A written plan is prepared for the individual student, this is done in collaboration between the student, teachers, inclusion employee and parents. The written plan is an important focal point for planning and implementing the effort. It describes the content and scope of academic and pedagogical initiatives for the individual student and thus becomes a tool for subject teachers and contact teachers. It forms the basis for an ongoing evaluation of the school’s support for the student.

We concretize our inclusion offer in the following way:

  • The student can receive support and guidance in connection with the general teaching
  • Additional teaching staff can be added to the teaching
  • The student can receive specially designed Teaching In addition to the regular hours in the Class
  • The student can receive homework help in smaller homework groups
  • The student can receive support through scheduled weekly conversations for pedagogically arranged meetings and other meetings.
  • Help to plan and structure the after-school education and challenges.
  • The student can get state ifbm UU-Guidance

Danish as a second language

At Risskov Efterskole, the subject Danish as a second language is linked to the school’s other subjects. The purpose of this interdisciplinary approach is to create a good framework and conditions for the bilinguals
students’ Danish acquisition; including the spoken and written communication skills. Work is mainly done with the students ‘professional pre-understanding to create the best conditions for the students’ professional learning. It must contribute to the students ‘communicative language understanding, as well as promote their understanding of the interaction between the Danish language and culture and the students’ mother tongue and cultural background. With a focus on the communicative language skills, space is created for an active and equal participation in after-school life. Based on the students’ individual prior knowledge of the Danish language, the teaching of Danish as a second language is adapted to the individual student. With the student at the center, students can be challenged and helped to actively participate in their own learning; to promote the students’ desire to use the Danish language and create space for the development of their individual and social development. Danish as a second language at Risskov Efterskole follows the Ministry of Education’s instructions in “Fælles Mål”.

Weights work in the following areas:

  • Communication skills (spoken language)
  • Communication skills (written language)
  • Language and language use
  • Language, Culture and Society
  • If the student wishes to follow the teaching, please state this on the registration form for the school board.
  • The teaching team can also propose it during the year if there is a need that has not been met by the parents at the beginning of the school year.


The form for applying for inclusion support in 2019-2020 can be found at the link below.

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