10th grade

10th grade

At Risskov Efterskole, we see it as our tasks – both to create personal development so that we equip the young person as best as possible for life’s challenges – and to contribute to the young person being well prepared to make the right educational choice and cope with it.

10th grade has the following subjects

  • Danish
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • 2 electives of 4 lessons per. week
  • 2 electives of 2 lessons per. week

* We offer the following exam subjects as electives in 10th grade: physics, German and French.

The teaching is organized with a view to the students taking the exam at FP10 level.

Vocational education

The free schools to which Risskov Efterskole belongs must “meet the requirements of the primary school” . We therefore organize the professional work in 9th and 10th grade according to the descriptions and requirements in “Common goals” .

At Risskov Efterskole, we place emphasis on academic focus, immersion and responsibility. In all subjects, committed and professionally skilled teachers teach, who have something on their minds with the dissemination of their particular subject. This promotes students’ motivation and sense of commitment to the learning process. In addition, as a result of our values, we place as much emphasis as possible on including the sensory aspects in all subjects.

We expect all students to work seriously and make the assignments required during the school year. They have ample access to help and support, and we use the phrase: “there is no excuse not to hand over” . Former students often return and say that this clear expectation on the part of the school is something that has made a positive difference for them. There is 1 hour of homework peace every day from Monday to Friday, and we recommend that all students in this hour work on their homework. A teacher offers his assistance to those who want it. Some students have been granted professional support on the basis of a PPR statement, and it is generally the school’s own teachers who provide this support.

About the teaching

The main purpose of the school form is in the words of the law:

“Life Enlightenment, Popular Enlightenment and Democratic Formation” . For us, this means that we deal with the whole of life and the whole of man and not just look closely at the academic.

We describe in more detail under the link Content plan, how we work with this at Risskov Efterskole – how we try to embrace the whole life in the conversations, discussions and forms of togetherness we are in the broadest sense – in the community – in the life we share in that school year , which students spend here.

As students come from many different schools, they are often at very different levels of knowledge. They will experience the same thing when they enter upper secondary education.

It is important for us from the beginning to establish a trust and openness, so that everyone has the right to be here as they are and learn from the level where they each are – with mutual respect.

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