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At Risskov Continuation School, we give young elite athletes the opportunity to practice their sport, while at the same time trying their hand at after-school life. In close collaboration with talent and elite sports environments in Aarhus, ESAA, we create an optimal framework for a year of talent development, community and education.

Risskov Continuation School has long had a successful collaboration with ESAA (Elitesport Aarhus), where elite sports students can combine their sport with an after-school stay. We are very proud to be able to offer young athletes a connection between being part of a talent and elite environment and a year of continuing education filled with education, personal development and community.

By bringing together a group of ESAA students at Risskov Continuation School, it gives young talents a sporting and a personal gain.

At the after-school center, some training synergies are created, and there is a mutual understanding of the challenges you face as a young elite athlete. You are with others who have the same interests and who actually live a bit the same way as yourself.

Marie Medina Præst can nod in recognition of that advantage. She is an elite sailor and has been an ESAA student at Risskov Continuation School year 17/18.

– Even though we did not have the same sport, we still benefited from each other. Both sportingly, but we also talked together about things that the others at the after-school center were not so much into. For example, if you were under pressure for a period of time, you could talk to the other ESAA students about how they handled it, says Marie Præst.

This is precisely the idea of ​​giving ESAA students the opportunity to develop in a community – across their sports. We offer young people to learn about all facets associated with elite sports – from mental and physical training to what it takes to live professionally with their sport.

At the after-school center, we experience that the elite athletes have in common that they are dedicated to their sport, and that is what connects the students.


“On a daily basis, I did not notice that I had a different everyday life than the others at the after-school center, even though I had morning training several days a week – and that I also went to conventions abroad. Risskov Continuation School was good at making it work and helping me pick up on the academic ”says Marie.

As an after-school center, we experience that the young elite athletes want to have the same experience of being in after-school care as many other young people have. But it can be a little difficult for them because at the same time they have the great commitment to the sport and the large amount of training. Here we give them the opportunity for an after-school stay, where they can continue their sport, but at the same time get all the other facets of after-school life.


ESAA collaborates with a large number of educational institutions, helping elite athletes to combine sports and education. But the combination of elite sports and after school is unique at Risskov Continuation School. And the after-school stay can be something special.

– The after-school form can help to create a talent development environment with a whole – where sports, school and everyday life complement each other in an exciting way. Furthermore, it is part of our considerations that with the after-school offer we can partly help to attract new talent to the Aarhus clubs and partly provide an offer that may ensure that talents do not move away from the Aarhus clubs, where they choose a continuing education in another city, says Ole Keldorf, who is sports director at ESAA.

Marie Præst

I really wanted to go to post-secondary school, and with the ESAA offer I was able to stay in my club and even get closer, and that made me choose to go to post-secondary school.

Marie Præst

Being in after school gave me a lot more time for training. I got closer to my club and I could attend all the trainings. But there was also a lot more physical training after I started after school. You are very physically active when you go to after school, and it has clearly also helped my athletic performance.

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