Welcome to Risskov Efterskole

It is evolving, challenging and urban. It is education and Danishness in development. It is Risskov Continuation School. Right now. Right here. In the middle of Aarhus – in the middle of the world.

For a hundred years we were high school, agricultural school, household school. We have stormed the senses, opened to impressions, challenged and developed. We are inquisitive and persistent. Sustained on a journey towards the vast expanses of the new millennium.

We ask: What is happening in the world right now? What does this mean for you, for us – for others? How does the future feel, smell and taste? What does it look like in Aarhus, on the web – from space? We do not know it – but we are ready.

We prepare students for the future in a committed community. With curiosity and knowledge as a compass, they must move towards a developing life in a changing world. The journey goes through sports, action, gastronomy and design – always in the face of the international. Through the will to want and the desire to learn. It takes place from the hill, which once had farms on one side and the growth in Aarhus on the other. Now it and we are in town. In one of the country’s largest growth areas. Here the future is shaped every day.

When Aarhus is the capital of culture, we are part of it. As the city of the future grows around us, we are with. When tomorrow’s sports, culture, housing, transport – yes our whole lives – take shape, we are with them. As the world gets closer, we are there. Ready. On the spot. On the run.

We are Risskov Efterskole