The staff

Mød personerne

Joakim Philipsen

Joakim is the principal at Risskov Efterskole. Joakim is a teacher educated from Silkeborg Seminar in physics / chemistry, biology and sports. Joakim has more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and leader at Danish and international primary and lower secondary schools, private schools and continuation schools. Joakim has extensive experience with both continuing education and international education. Joakim teaches International Maths and Combined Science on the Cambridge line.

Peter Seiding

Peter Seiding is the vice-principal / pedagogical leader at Risskov Efterskole. Peter is a teacher educated from Århus Seminarium and he is a line subject trained in Danish, mathematics, geography and crafts. Peter has more than 15 years of experience as an efterskole teacher.

Ida Sørensen

Business Manager

Camilla Tyrrestrup

Camilla teaches English and French in 9th and 10th grade. Camilla has a master's degree in French and media studies, and has taken continuing education with the Chaos Pilots as a Mediator of Change. In addition, she is a trained teacher with the line subjects English and home economics.

Toke Rossel

Toke teaches Danish and German. Line subjects in German, Danish, biology and geography. Toke is an avid outdoorsman. Has been a teacher for 8 years at Skæring School before he started here.

Jeppe von Tangen Billeskov

Efterskole teacher

Jeppe Rønnow Tegen

Efterskole teacher

Dea Nørgaard Harel

Efterskole teacher

Louise Brøndum

Graduated from the Teacher Education in Aarhus in 2010 with line subjects in Danish, mathematics, sports and social studies. At Risskov Efterskole, Louise teaches mathematics in 9th and 10th grade, as well as Pulse 10 and Pulse joint. In addition to being a subject teacher, Louise is the school's education supervisor.

Camilla Bro Klausen

Efterskole teacher

Søren Nørup Wolf

Søren is an equal mix of physics, Danish and music, which has led to some strange lyrics about, among other things space travel and quantum mechanics, which he likes to entertain with. His didactic hobbyhorse is the creative processes of teaching; how can we create the framework for you to produce something interesting, whether it is texts, physics experiments or something completely third. He also teaches on the line Sport Xplore with Peter, as he loves the outdoors .. And he can teach anyone to play the guitar.

Jens Jensen

Jens is a teacher trained from Aarhus Seminar in mathematics, physics / chemistry, music and crafts and has also spent half his life on top-level basketball in both DK, abroad and on the national team. Jens is an old acquaintance of Risskov After School - Jens has been an efterskole teacher at Risskov Efterskole from 2010-2017. Among other things, Jens will teach on the basketball course.

Steffen Søndergaard Nielsen

Steffen is 30 years old and holds a Cand. Scient. in Sports and Media Studies. He is a line teacher at Surf, Ski and Freesport. He has a broad experience in many different sports, but he loves a good adrenaline rush, which is why he is a dedicated surfer and skier. He is a trained ski instructor from the Danish Ski School and has over 50 weeks of experience on skis and is particularly fond of freeride and freestyle skiing. He is an active coastal lifeguard and teaches at the coastal lifeguard education, and will also be responsible for safety at Surf, Ski and Freesport.

Kristina Kaae Thomsen

Efterskole teacher

Peter Frost Larsen

Efterskole teacher

Lonny Hvid

Secretary (On maternity leave)

Felix Morten Pedersen

Janitors assistent

Brian Møller

Brian is a teacher trained from Aarhus Seminarium and has line subjects in mathematics, English, sports and music. Brian has 9 years of experience as an after-school teacher. Brian is a contact teacher and will in the coming school year teach mathematics, music and parkour and on the lines SportXplorer and Surf / ski.

Lars Fuglsang

Property Service Technician

Natasha Nørup Wolf

Efterskole teacher

Mikkel Halling

IT consultant

Birgit Sørensen


Bergljót Jogvansdottir Liengård


Mathilde Jensen


Rikke Moe Astrup

Rikke teaches primarily English and mathematics and in the Food & Gastronomy line. Rikke can also teach drama. Rikke is a trained teacher with the line subjects English, home economics, mathematics and Christian studies.

Charlotte Vest

Charlotte is a teacher trained from Haderslev State Seminar with a line subject in English and sports. In addition, Charlotte has a master's degree from Trinity University (Washington, USA) in special education and a master's degree from John Hopkins University (Maryland, USA) in Clinical Counseling (culture). Charlotte has lived and worked in the United States for more than 20 years. Charlotte has been a teacher at both private schools, primary and secondary schools. Charlotte will partly teach English on the Cambridge line and partly be the coordinator for inclusion and special education.

Camma Svalholm

Efterskole teacher

Kasper Frausing

Kasper Frausing has been employed at Risskov Efterskole since 2017 as a teacher and coordinator on the International Line, and to handle the Cambridge IGCSE administration and teach the subject Global Perspectives and history / Social Studies. Kasper has a BA. in Literary History and a MA in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University. Kasper is passionate about international cooperation and has been responsible for continuously developing Risskov Efterskole's international dimension in relation to finding new global school partners and creating international student cooperation across borders, including in relation to schools in Kenya, India, Indonesia and the USA.

Jonatan Hauge Steffensen

Efterskole teacher

Anton Harbo

Efterskole teacher

Martin Davis Skjøth

Efterskole teacher