Culture, sports and creativity


As a consistent value at Risskov Efterskole, you learn to be curious and to ask questions. We explore, experience and challenge the world we are part of, and work to understand different cultures and trends in our society. We create culture together, we give your ideas wings and teach you to get them in the air.

We are located in the middle of Aarhus, an international cultural gem that gives us the opportunity to move the teaching out into the city and to invite the city inside the school. We collaborate, participate in events and make our mark on the cultural life in the city.

During the efterskole year, you will also have unique travel experiences. We offer fantastic line trips to different places in the world and an annual ski trip common for the whole school.


On our sports lines you can challenge and improve in more specific directions. Here you will experience an intensified and targeted training in a community that is something very special. Here you also have the opportunity to collaborate on talent development. The school works closely with ESAA, Elite Sports Academy Aarhus, which together with the city’s educational institutions and elite clubs gives young talents the opportunity to combine education and elite sports in Aarhus.

Sports and exercise are an important part of the school’s everyday life. Through sports and sports, all students have the opportunity to develop physically, personally and to be part of a healthy social community. We collaborate with sports and sports environments in Aarhus and make use of our location close to the sea and the forest.


For us, creativity and aesthetics are an essential part of our values. We are present in our experiences, we are creative and we work with communication and expression in many different ways. We seek creative openings, pull the good ideas out of the drawer and let them create value. You learn to see new contexts, put things together in different and new ways – and discover that your ideas can be used for something.

We want to nurture the growth layer of innovative young people who can combine creativity, aesthetics and technical skills. You will experience high quality teaching and a close collaboration with companies, cultural and educational institutions in Aarhus.